How it all comes together:

Our ER program direct connects to three USB devices.

  1. A Main transceiver that communicates wirelessly with the puzzles
  2. An I/O Main transceiver that communicates wirelessly with  Input/Output boards plus optional remote
  3. An in-room Clock/Display with hint button.

The PC program does all the heavy lifting which allows for simplistic 'Slave' device control of the props.

Only one Cat5 cable (Clock/Display) need be run from the system control area to the room.





Program features:




When a puzzle is started, the associated puzzle window is opened. A text file controls, the title, number and style of buttons as well as their functions and what subsequent events are triggered by each. EG: the 'Hint' button on this window is automatically associated with the next event: New York.

Individual events can be manually overridden as well as game completion should the puzzle somehow become unresponsive.